Saturday, April 20, 2013

What I'm reading right now:

 Pulled this book out today and had a bit of a flick through: 

Even though I am nowhere near couture sewing ability or at all tailoring savvy, I love looking at Anna Zapp's techniques. They are so well explained and illustrated in this book that I hope one day I might be able to try them out on a suit or jacket first hand.
This book would probably be the most favourite sewing book I own and is the first one that I brought brand new (not op shopped). I got this before Book Depository was around so it was a special order in at my local Dymocks- I had to wait ages!!!
  I keep all my measurements that I had Sandra -of Sewanista Fashion Workshops- take for me written down inside so I know I'll never lose them (you can see me getting measured up here) and it's always nice to have a look through- and dream about a level of sewing I aspire to- every time I need to check some obscure body measurement.

And even though I really don't have time to do much recreational fictional reading right now I have these two books from work waiting to be read:
I'm part way through "Pure" and enjoying it heaps more than I thought I would, it has a slightly different take on the usual post-apocalyptic sci-fi scenario in that nanotechnology is incorporated into the storyline. "Feed" will hopefully satisfy my strange addiction to zombie horror now that the latest season of "Walking dead" is finished...

Happy sewing/reading (and I hope you're getting more done than me while I'm finishing these books off)!

Kate :)

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