Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Apron for Danni

My lovely friend Danni finally got to pick up her "Thank-you" apron :

Danni's retro styled apron, made using the same McCalls 5643 pattern I used here.
This was for making my kids (I have boy/girl twins) 4th birthday cakes:
DD's Barbie cake

DS's construction theme cake

Yep I can (possibly) now do a FBA on a pattern but get me to make a frou-frou Barbie cake or a construction site cake in fondue icing? Eeek!
Lucky me I met the right kinda gal when I moved up here in the hills- someone who knows their fondue from their ganache ;) Not only do I get to have this beautiful person as a friend but I get to have a much easier kids birthday thanks to my lovely friends interest in all things yummy and pretty *drool* :)

Thank you Danni, you truly are awesome:)
If anyone in Perth (Western Australia) needs an amazing kids cake made up then email me and I will send you all the details :D

Happy sewing/dreaming of eating chocolate ganache layers (nom-nom-nom) all!

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