Friday, June 6, 2014

Shark costume

Please excuse the blurry phone pics...I'm tired, it's late and for some god unknown reason I've spend the best parts of the last two evenings trying to "whip up" a shark costume for my son:

Can #1 son go to a Pirate Party as a pirate? Nooo :( "Shark" is as close as we are going to get to the sea related  theme, and being the unorganised tight-wad I am, it is too late to order the $40 shark costume from Toyworld, even if I wasn't choking on the price.

So off to Spotlight I go and after looking at what's on offer in the "grey fabric " category I settle on some grey polar fleece, which I promptly swapped for poly-cotton at the cutting counter thus p#ssing off those behind me in the queue (sorry BTW if that was you- honestly mum under stress here!).

The reasoning behind my fabric change was that I could imagine DS overheating in the fleece running around his kindy friends birthday party...and frankly the poly cotton was like half the price. And then there was the 40% off sale- score!

So this is pretty much where I am on day 2, not too bad for something I fudged up by tracing off DS's puffer vest and guessing the rest.

Of course I haven't actually tried it on him yet, so it could all go hideously wrong at the last moment, especially as he was keen to go just with the fin after I'd made that first all important part.

At least I can say my stash of interfacing and wadding has come in very handy during this project ;)

Oh and we also have a fairy/elves party the day after the pirate party that I need to make a "elf" costume for.
Perhaps my glue stick and stapler will get a work out for that one!

DD is pretty much sorted for both parties, she has been given numerous fairy costumes and -handily- a mermaid costume (that "kind of" ties into a pirate theme right?).

Might get a pic of DS in the shark costume...if my estimations of size means it fits!

I have a feeling there will be many more costume making sessions to come in my parenting future ;)

Happy sewing!

Kate :)



Ellen said...

Oh yey! I cant wait for that stage, though by then I'm sure I'l; be over it.
Hope it fits. He'll look awesome!

Kate @ Sewing For Sanity said...

Yeah I was soo hanging out for making up cute costumes, but then once I realised how quickly they grow out of something I quite disheartened- why put in all that effort for something they might not like (and refuse to put on) or maybe (if you're lucky) wear only once? Still DS was soo adamant he was gonna be a shark that I went "what the heck" and threw caution to the wind- AKA sewing without pins and guessing seam allowances. Amazingly it still turned out reasonably OK ;)