Sunday, August 31, 2014

July 2014 sewing camp

Just a couple of random photos from the July sewing camp in lieu of a "proper" write it's been a while now (and I'm lazy like that! ;)
Note there's no actual "action shots" this time as I spent most of the camp socialising and talking sewing, rather than sewing and taking photos.

These two items (brought to camp by other group members) caught my interest enough to get the phone camera out:
Double page fashion illustration spread from a 1960s Burda magazine (not mine unfortunately!)
A very charming pincushion (made from a kit I believe).
Actually truth be told I did do a little sewing and managed to finish off a Colette Sorbetto. I'm not too sure about the end result, which is why I haven't taken a photo so far. This is my second time with the much lauded (free) Sorbetto pattern and even after a  few pattern alterations (lengthening and going down a size) I'm starting to think that its just not suited to my particular body shape :(
Oh well.....

A lot of time at camp was spent discussing sewing techniques, in particular had sewing, with Sandra Of Sewanista Fashion Workshop's. Sandra demonstrated a bit of handsewing and the way tailors tend to handsew with a thimble (pinching the fabric into little pleats then pushing the needle through these using the side of the thimble to create a running stitch). 
After camp I was pretty keen to get a decent thimble myself (apparently rubber thimbles are for counting money) and a couple of sewing stores later I found this one:
Adjustable open sided thimble by Clover
The open side and end stops it slipping off your finger (from sweatiness) and the nail guard at the end would I suppose come in handy if I had longer nails. The main feature is the many well defined dimples which help to grip the end of the needle and stop it slipping when you are pushing it through fabrics.
 Cheaper thimbles tend not to be as well detailed.

Finally a pic - taken at camp by one of our members Mckenna- of myself, Fiona ,Elle and the lovely late afternoon light :

You can check out the Burdastyle Sewing Club Perth facebook page for more info on upcoming sewing events. 

Well that's about it for now!

Happy Sewing!

Kate x

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