Monday, February 15, 2016

Making jeans

Having a bit of free time while Uni was on end of year break I decided to give jeans making another go, with mixed results (previous attempt is here). Instead of revisiting my original Burda pattern I had a crack at the much very popular (in internet sewing circles) Ginger Jeans pattern by Closet Case Files

For the second time running I have ended up with jeans way too big - how frustrating! 
As this is a completely different pattern designer to my last attempt and many other 's have managed to make Ginger's with great success I am pretty sure the problem lies in my self measuring.
Either I am measuring my hips in the wrong spot or erring too much on the side of caution with ease.The jeans were that supposed to end up skinny and sexy fitting (like these) looked much more traditional bootcut jeans shape. 

To be fair I did accidentally skip on step that I think would have made life easier in the long run- to baste and try on the jeans before beginning sewing. By doing this I could have made alterations and /or have recut the pattern to a more suitable size.
As it was I had to add darts at the back  in addition to taking in the side seams by 5/8", just so they stayed up. I also put some elastic in the back waistband for a snugger fit and to be able to wear the jeans belt-free.

Other sewists seem to have made these jeans up with great success so I am going to have a more thorough look at how I am measuring and maybe try again in a size or two smaller.

I will post a pic up of the finished product soon!

Til then Happy Sewing!

Kate  :)

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