Monday, October 29, 2012

Craft ideas from Martha

I know I've been living under a rock (or so it would seem) but I have finally gotten around to looking at Martha Stewart's craft site and (to my surprise) there are quite a few projects that I really like!
 I say "to my surprise" in that I never followed any of Martha Stewart's TV shows and none of her books have really appealed to me. To be fair though MOST of the books that I have seen- being public library stock- have been a fair few years (or decades) old and maybe a little outdated... so perhaps something more recently published would be more up my alley? Think I need to do some inter-library loaning :)

Anyway I found the website itself to be incredibly useful and teeming with heaps of crafty ideas that I am keen to add to my forever growing to-do list. It was pretty easy to navigate my way around and from what I can see alot of the projects are from previous years magazines. Some projects have free patterns or templates to download and there is even a holiday clip art craft section with lovely fonts and images to use.

As the kids are starting to understand the concept of celebrations and holidays I have been thinking it would be nice to make them some individual Christmas items this year:

This stocking advent calendar  would  be perfect for small hands (no little doors or bits to break) and reasonably quick to whip up. However unlike the example given I would probably only put up one stocking up at a time- rather than the whole month- to stop them being raided by inquisitive toddlers. 

These Keepsake Stockings are cute and are designed to have an ornament added each year. I have already stocked up on Christmassy type fabrics but given my lack of free time (and ability to be easily distracted lol) a felt option is good to have on hand as a things that don't need seam finishing!

 This Nutcracker stocking set is lovely as well, but I think I would probably have to wait a year or so until my kids are old enough to understand the story. However I do have a friend who collects nutcrackers (yes Fleur I'm talking about you).

 If (like me) you tend to collect/hoard bits of pretty paper/card /ribbon etc for future use, and storage space is at a premium, then these Recycled Ornaments are a great way of getting rid of old Christmas cards. Like how many daggy reindeer/candles/Santa pictures (with writing on the back of) do you really need anyway?

Also here in Australia Christmas time is summer time and in Perth its usually HOT (35 degrees Celsius at least), so I think these baby bloomers would be great for the twins to run around in. Unfortunately a size isn't given but I don't think they would be super hard to grade up.

Now just to squeeze a few more hours into the week to get it all done!

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