Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Simplicity 5537 for Cooper

Here are a few pictures of the other shorts that I made from the Simplicity pattern for Cooper. As I was trying to knock these out pretty quick I decided to use my new Ikea pinking shears to finish the seams, with mixed results. Some fabrics behaved better than others when it came it not fraying after being pinked. All the shorts pictured have been worn and washed once only.

Camouflage print shorts
As the fabric was quite tightly woven they didn't fray too badly but I still decided to reinforce and zigzag the seams, as I think I trimmed the crotch seam a bit too heavily.

Skull and crossbone print AKA "Pirate " shorts
Fraying not too bad on side seam, just again had trimmed the crotch a bit too much.

Dino shorts-have now realized fabric is Chambray NOT denim :( 

Quite loosely woven and hence frayed like heck!
Even zigzagged over the side seams as I did not trust this not to fray more.
A cheap iron-on dinosaur decal I added. Has started to ball already so in future will look for FULLY WOVEN/ EMBROIDERED decals, NOT ones that use cheap felt for most of the colouring.

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