Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And this season's latest fashion fabric is....Neoprene?

According to the December 2012 Marie Claire (Australia) magazine that is. I know I've been in babyland and toddlerville the last few years but surely I would have heard if wetsuit material had become the new must have fashion medium.....right ?
Apparently not (must have been all those toddler tantrums). The article (read in the hairdresssers so I can't refer to it right now!) states designers  "referencing" wetsuits with large oversized zips and showcases bright 1980's style get-out-your-sunglasses colours.... in case you missed the wetsuit referencing the first time around.

A quick web search shows that Neoprene in fshion isn't such a "new"(2012)  trend- designers have been experimenting with neoprene-as-fashion since at least 2002. Niwdenapolis.com gives a very good, brief run down on the development of this trend here.

Alba Prat's unusual neoprene jacket from her "digitized" collection is discussed by StartUp FASHION here.

And pushing 'fashion" to its boundaries is Yitzhak Abecassis's  "no seam" clothing (think it's purely conceptual right now, or for the totally brave, can't see any of these garments making their debut at the office/supermarket anytime soon...).

As a vegetarian I am quite interested in the idea of neoprene as many designers have experimented with using this fabric in place of the more traditional leather. Giovanna Dell'onte has a cult following with her Leghilà Washable Collection cube bag, part of her Leghilà Washable Collection. Such a pity that her  woven neoprene bag is out of production :(

Neoprene as a fabric doesn't fray and can have an almost sculptural quality to it (in the right hands). Unlike woven fabrics needle marks will stay more prominently noticeable if you have to unpick seams, so a test garment in another fabric may be the way to go if unsure of fit.

A few links regarding neoprene sewing:





I doubt I will be sewing this fabric up anytime soon (unless Textile Traders gets a batch at some crazy cheap price, and even then is it something I would wear?) but it is a fabric that someday I WOULD like to have a go at using, just to see what its like. Oh and maybe I can make my own version of that bag that's out of production...
One for the sewing "bucket list" ;P

Happy sewing!

Kate :)

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