Friday, November 9, 2012

Pre-Christmas-op-shopping bargain

Swinging by a local charity store on the way home one day netted me this Christmas crafts magazine for 20 cents:
A bargain I think given that we are in November and every op-shop is starting to do their Christmas stock displays, pulling out all the tinsel and whatsits.While some of the fabrics and styling are a little dated I had been hoping to find just a basic stocking pattern to play around with and inside was this:

 Might not go the whole teddy bear motif but the shape is right.
Have been mentioning to hubby that I might try making Santa sacks this year to cut down on the amount of wrapping paper we throw away. Guess what else was inside ?
Again not quite my choice of colours (I'm not super into the "country decor" look) but just think how wonderful it will be for using up odd leftover bits of Christmas fabric. Given my fabric choices I think these will be some very BRIGHT and rocking Santa sacks!
Watch out Mr Claus, you are going to need your sunnies when you visit us this year! ;)


Kelly Wayne said...

What a fab op shop find! Haha, given you are pretty darn great with your creations, I'm sure you'll be able to fashion up some items from the book, with a more modern twist!! Nice work! Kel x

Kate S said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Kelly! I just seem to be running out of time...