Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Perth Burdastyle Christmas deco swap

Finally I can show you the Christmas decoration I made for the swap at the December meet up, so here 'tis:


In case it isn't obvious it's a felt gingerbread house. I found the website and pattern through this pin on Pinterest (my newest net surfing obsession- waaaay to easy to waste time there!). 
The roof was meant to be white felt "snow" with tiny felt circles for "sweets" on top. I had no white felt so the buttons ended up being my solution to the problem as they seemed to be able to hold their own and luckily I had enough in boiled lolly colours to tie in with the gingerbread theme. Also sewing buttons on seemed darned easier than stitching lots of tiny felt circles.

This is what my lucky number drew out of the swap bag- isn't she cute?:

How funny that I ended up with a gingerbread girl after making a gingerbread house! She is currently (or is that currantly ....dad joke I know...) right at home sitting on my tree, having -as yet- escaped mauling or abduction by either of my children :) 

I really enjoyed taking part in this swap - a nice easy challenge this time of year and lots of fun too. 
Will definitely be taking part again if the group decide to do it again next year.

Happy Christmas Sewing!!!

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