Saturday, January 19, 2013

More shots of the LuLu Dress

DD Millie during a day out in her new LuLu dress! (Taken on the iPhone so excuse the quality):
Who's that behind the door?

                   Pressing buttons on a (limited edition) Elvis jukebox:

Let's check out what's going on outside:


What a fun dress! and what a great day- thankyou "Auntie" Amy for letting us visit!


Ellen said...

Awww. I love this dress so much! Almost tempted to buy it on the off chance that I have occasion to use it. And Millie looks so happy in it!

Katesews said...

Haha spoken like a true pattern stasher Ellen ;)

Ellen said...

I'm actually not much of a pattern stasher. I just love the shape- modern yet retro- and the potential. I'm a big lover of tried and tested patterns/slopers that you can mess with, and this looks like one of them. We're a couple of years away from babies though, and all my friends seem to be having boys!

Looking forward to seeing the versions that people come up with.

Katesews said...

Ah sorry Ellen I just assume everyone is as mad as me at collecting patterns- am trying to hold off buying as much this year LOL! If kids are on the horizon for you (at some point) then I can highly recommend this pattern :) The Coco and Momo by Popolok design are lovely too.