Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The latest thing I've picked up during my travels...

...on the web and want to share with you!

You may (or may not as I have not advertised it) know that I have a facebook page (look for "kate sews" on facebook). As a result of that and investigating various links which people (blogs I follow) have on their page I found:

Sew Fearless
                     -----> Which lead me to----->
                                                                    The Train To Crazy   
                                                                                    ---------->and they led me to------------>

--------------> Social Media Friends Monday!---->which led me to --------------->


Which was a whole new kettle of fish for me! To tell the truth I *think* I may have installed instagram on my iPhone at some stage, but having never used it "properly"-  probably deleted it by accident (by having to replace my phone) when i dropped my handset and /or when the microphone died yet again (grrrr)....

Instagram is a free app that offers software that allows you to edit and upload images on/from your iphone/smartphone. From my point of view the editing options have a very retro/vintage slant to them- not that I am complaining, I love this look and the options they offer in their editing suite!
"The Train To Crazy" started "Social Friends Monday" as a " weekly event [that] features a social media platform and gives bloggers and blog readers the chance to find new, interesting people to follow while gaining new followers!".
 It's a wonderful way to find new people to follow on the various social media networks and discover new carfty/sewing related blogs and webpages.
See you on the (inter)web ! :)

Happy sewing all!

x Kate x


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