Sunday, February 10, 2013

It was Too Good A Deal.

Only a few short posts ago I made the pledge not to buy any more patterns until June...

Well meet the sale that broke my resolve down faster than a tissue paper umbrella in a hailstorm (uh yeah kinda have to work on my euphemisms):

(Click on image to go to sale)

 Note that I have waited until the second last day to purchase this- I reeaaally mulled it over, do I / don't I? But the Banyan Pants (by Figgys Patterns ) really sold me on the package as there is not much out there pattern-wise for boys that is this hip and trendy (The big 4 pattern houses seem to be stuck in the 1980's when it comes to boys pants). The fact that the Scirocco dress (Figgys) was also included didn't hurt either ;)
There are also plenty of other patterns in this bundle that I really like and could easily see me making up in the near future, but it was the Figgys ones that clinched the deal!

If you want to purchase this you need to hurry as it ends February 11th at 8am US (I think) EST. 

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Ellen said...

It looks like a good selection! And great value.