Sunday, April 14, 2013

Look what I found...

This just came up in my blog feed, a limited time only (April 12th-19th 2013) FREE download from indietutes:

How lovely is this smock top AND sun smart (has sleeves!) so great for daycare/ kindy tops! Now all I have to do is wait for Little Miss to grow big enough for a size 2...
Indietutes is a big fan of refashioning/upcycling old garments (YAY!) so the top pictured here is actually remade from an old adult shirt. 
In Charity's (indietutes pattern designer/ blog author) own words:

"The Oh Suzanna Smock pattern is one of my favorites because the pattern was drafted to facilitate a reconstruction from an adult shirt.  I am a big fan or reusing or upcycling previously loved garments.  Not only does it cut down the resources used but worn, well washed garments contain fewer chemicals than new fabric, which is treated with a variety of potently toxic substances (flame retardants, starches, dyes and such).  Also, if you have a child who is sensitive to fabrics, previously worn materials feel softer on the skin." 

So BE QUICK if you want a chance to download and try this pattern for free- you only have until April 19th!!!!

P.S check out her Etsy shop too if you like her pattern style. I really like the Willow Wayfarer Hipsters for Slimsters and at $4.00 USD its really affordable!

P.P.S This is NOT a sponsored post - all view's expressed here are purely my own and totally uninfluenced by ANY outside parties. Being a part-time working mum sewing on a limited budget I love to share free (and cheap) pattern information, in the hope of helping out others in similar financial situations!

Happy downloading/printing/taping + sewing ;)

Kate :)  


Raych Stangle said...

what a little gem of a blog and thanks for the heads up on a cute pattern.

Kate Sews said...

Thanks Raych glad you like it! Thanks for visiting :D