Friday, April 12, 2013

What I'm working on right now

After all my whining about IT problems I thought it would only be fair to show you a sneak peak of the sewing project currently on my table:
If you guessed this is ruffle fabric circa 2011 from Textile Traders "embellished" with sharpie pens, then you are 100% correct ;)
The ruffles are for a girls maxi skirt pattern that I am testing for Sumo's Sweet Stuff, the pattern calls for four different colours of knit ruffle fabric but both the local TT and Spotlight stores are clean out of it. So sharpie dots it is!
I'm not really sure how good the sharpie embellished fabric will look made up, or how well the synthetic blend fabric will retain the marks after washing.... but at least I will have an idea of how accurate the pattern measurements and instructions are and be able to give feedback to the designer- which is the whole purpose behind pattern testing.

This pattern looks pretty quick to whip up (though the dots did take freaking ages), so hopefully there will be some finished pics to put up soon.

If I can convince DD to put the skirt on - she's in a pants/shorts only phase- you might even get to see them modelled!

In the meantime happy sewing!

Kate :)

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