Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blue Kwik Sew 2643 (modified) top finished!

Excuse the pyjama bottoms and bathroom shot but I've finally finished my blue version of the Kwik Sew 2643 :)

This is the forth time I've made this top up. I'm still catching up on taking photo's of and posting about the other versions, but you can read about one of them here.
This time around I decided to add a cowl neck collar to my widened neckline and bands to the sleeve ends.
The bottom hem I had to redo four times - this fabric was just a real doozy in this area for some reason. After trying to twin needle the hem (my usually easy and favorite method ) -and then having to rip it out- three times, I gave up on the twin needle and sewed it down using a blind hem stitch and then top stitched over that with a triple zig-zag stitch from the right side. The hem finally behaved after that ;P

Oh I forgot - this was also after trying to add a band to the bottom hem (to match the sleeves) and then taking it off as it made the length funny. Not quite long enough for a dress but too long for a top, might work on a willowy teenager but just looked wrong on me.
So that makes it FIVE times I redid the bottom hem - crazy!!!!

I guess you could say I've really been practising my stretch fabric hemming techniques with this top.... Hopefully my next project (jeans) will require much less unpicking *fingers crossed*.

Happy Sewing!

Kate x

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