Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hits and misses

Sometimes I think I've made an OK garment and then I see a pic of it :/

So here I'm thinking "OK a bit baggy but I can live with it".....

And then hubby takes a pic and I'm like "Dear God nooo- what was I thinking??" :(
WHAT happened to my legs? I know they are not super long but I am reasonably tall (5ft 9") and these pants make me look like I have weirdly shortened legs. Obviously this pattern HAS to have some revision work done to it!
These slacks are made from a pattern from Make Your Own Clothes (by Patternmaker). Considering you put your own personal measurements in - and mine were professionally taken- I would expect the pattern that the software spat out to be a little more form fitting. But who knows what the ease is, or whether the measurements I put in were the ones they wanted...
I serged a good 1 cm off each side seam and the crotch seam, which have made the resulting pants look much more aesthetically pleasing ;)
(sorry no pic of the "new improved version as yet") 
More tinkering with this pattern software coming up...

Happy Sewing!

Kate x

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