Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camera woes

I'm taking a lot of my photos on my iPhone these days. While not great quality (hubby has just got a Sony Experia thingy phone which totally blows mine out of the water) it IS handy...and a lot let tempermental than my digital camera.
I know my camera IS cheap AND fairly old, it was brought at Tennant Creek while on a bus tour through central Australia, after I dropped our "good" camera in a billabong (long story).  
Those of you with flash uber -smart cameras feel free to laugh at the following photos of the stoneage era "technology" I have to put up with (hey its the I'd ever know ;P....laugh away....).

First up my camera's crappy shutter that jams partly open/closed:

This is usually fixed by tapping with a finger one turning on/off again so no biggie, but it SUCKS if you are trying to get a pic of fast-moving objects...say like two toddlers in action! This is why the majority of my family pics are on my phone...

And the lovely bits-of-crap-trapped-in-lenses:

 Yeah OK actually this is mostly my fault- I did treat this camera rather badly in the first few years of my children's lives, shoving it in nappy bags without any cover whatsoever....
So when (if!) I get a new camera I guess had better look into making a case up for it ASAP!
On a side note did you know that there are now camera's with Wi-Fi capabilities? Meaning that you can upload/email your pics directly from your camera? Suppose they need to keep up with all the smart phone cameras coming out.
Something to think about anyway....

:) Kate


Summer Flies said...

Hey, I've got a red Nikon and it does the same thing. SOOO annoying and for no reason. I've just tried cleaning it up with a pin and a really soft brush and it's a bit better but not much more.

Kate @ Sewing For Sanity said...

Great idea! I think I have a soft enough paintbrush lying around somewhere- thanks for the tip! :)