Friday, August 30, 2013

It's a [needle] wrap!

As you may know from my previous post I'm in the process of attempting to make my first ever pair of jeans. The pattern I've chosen is from Burda Plus Fashion Autumn/Winter 2010 - style 418, which they have as "pants/trousers" (even though they are jeans):

I'm skipping the weird patches on the inner thighs as I really just want a basic jeans pattern and I don't feel like that area needs any extra attention drawn to it ;)

 It's been slow going, due in part to illness (flu) but mostly due to the need to swap needles/thread every seam or two in order to do topstitching. To be honest - while I enjoy the actual jeans construction itself- the switching over all the time is driving me a bit batty. Topstitching needs to be done at certain steps during construction, you can't leave it all til the end and do it in one big batch lot :<
I'm attempting to get the old Zig Zag Palmer Princess up and running so I will have a machine for seam sewing and another for topstitching, however threading and tension settings on the old machine are still a bit of a mystery...maybe when I ave more than 5 seconds to look at it properly it will all make sense (oh yeah and read the manual- that always helps!).

In the meantime, so I don't lose track of what needle I'm using with what thread (the topstitching requires a heavier duty needle than the seams), I've taken to wrapping the needle in with the loose end of the thread on each spool:

It's not something I'd want to do with every spool of cotton I own, but for this project it works:)

Hopefully I will get some sewing in this weekend and have a bit more progress to show you!

Happy Sewing :)


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