Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vintage patterns (part two)

As promised pattern cover pics from the garage sale I wrote about here.

I'll start with one of my favourite vintage dress patterns from the sale, this Woman's Day raglan sleeve dress:

 With a 40 inch bust size this one is two inches off my actual size, a lot closer in size than other similar era patterns i have come across.  I love the full skirt version and am hoping that this might be a good option for my first attempt grading up a vintage pattern.

A very cute (copyrighted 1961) Junior Misses "sports" ensemble with a decidedly patriotic/nautical cover. Not really my style personally - these styles look great on the "tall/willowy"types- I got this just because I loved the cover illustration and colour scheme:

A Simplicity pattern for 12 inch dolls clothes. Quite a stylish wardrobe for any dolly I was thinking maybe circa 1950's for this pattern, when printed on the instructions is "copyright 1943".(This page here estimates it at 1948). Interestingly it appears that this pattern has been adapted for a variety of doll sizes, besides 12" a quick web search also turned up this pattern in 16", 18" and 24" doll sizings. One site referred to this as a pattern for Shirley Temple "movie star doll" clothes.
These patterns are pretty detailed (by today's standards) for dolls clothing, the jackets -for instance- have shoulder pads!
 This is all very interesting for something that I made a split second decision to put in my grab pile to buy - love it when stuff has an interesting past!


Of similar era is this "Child's sun suit and bonnet"- copyright 1945 by McCall. While very cute I don't think these playsuits would meet the approval of today's sun safe recommendations, and how did any mother ever get their child to wear those bonnets? I have enough trouble getting mine just to wear a regular hat...
There are many more pattern's I want to - and eventually will- share with you but time is quite limited right now. Plus sadly every time I take these patterns out of their envelopes the really old ones just rip and tear more :(
So slowly does it..
Take care and happy sewing!

Kate :)

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