Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vintage pattern meets romance novel?

That's the conclusion I came after spying this pattern cover:

To me it looks pretty much like a 1960's trashy romance novel cover- how often do you see THAT much storyline built into something related to home-dressmaking? 
Of course I had to buy it - if only for the sheer cheese factor.
I can just imagine the background story the cover illustrators dreamt up while creating this:
....Now she's sewn the wardrobe of her dream and jetted off to Paris (cue airline bagtag and the half cut off "Rue" sign) will she get the mysterious man of her dreams......????
 Jeez that's a lot of expectation to pack into one pattern! 

It wasn't until after I got home that I noticed the "A Pounds Thinner Pattern". Makes me kinda glad NOT to a female back then- if society wasn't already telling you that losing weight was the key to solving all your problems and finding true love, then finding this gem in your local fabric shop/department's pattern drawer was gonna make sure you were filled in!

This is yet another pattern from the garage sale I went to recently. Another 50 cent buy, circa 1971.
View A (blonde girl on right, pants and long jacket combo) promises to make you look "taller and thinner", while View B (the brunette possibly with a knife to her back and about to be mugged and/or abducted by Mr Cravat) offers to make your hips "seem smaller". Never knew an elastic waisted skirt could do that-  would have thought a few darts would make it more "figure flattering" myself ;P

 So the pattern pieces are all cut out and neatly tucked away in the envelope...
I wonder did the seamstress who made this up find that it delivered on all its garishly illustrated promises? Did she find true love? Go to Paris? 
Or at least look "pounds slimmer"? 
Did she even care (after slaving away at making this little ensemble up) or perhaps she decided it was all a load of bullocks in the end?
 We'll never know but that's one of the fun things about buying preloved items, imagining the story behind them.
(Ok albeit in this case while also wondering "what the heck?" about the original marketing...)

 In the meantime...

Happy sewing!

Kate :)

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