Thursday, February 13, 2014

...And even more shorts....

So in my last post I talked about the how the thrifted McCalls 9312 shorts pattern I used for my daughter has A LOT of built in ease.
Well it appears that there is a bonus to having a "roomy" pattern, especially when twins are in the house. 
With this pattern I was able to make shorts for my son -who is a whole two sizes bigger- without hardly any alterations (I did make the side seam allowance a tad smaller but in hindsight I needn't have bothered, a 5/8" seam allowance would worked fine).

Now I wasn't actually planning on making DS any shorts as he already has heaps, but he insisted that if sis was getting some....

He picked the spotty fabric himself. I know they look like pyjama pants but he loves wearing them out and about :D

I also used a some left over green stretch cotton I had to make another pair, with side pockets. The fabric is a fair bit thicker than quilting cotton (think thin stretch denim weight) so they do have a rather "boofy" look to them. 
Oh well live and they are most likely to end up in the sandpit anyway ;)
Quite the poser eh?

So after making these shorts for DD and DS I have  decided to see if I could find or make a slightly more streamlined version. 
That is, to make them look more 2014 and less 1990's.
All the while still being elastic waisted in design, roomy enough to play in and not overly high cut in the leg. Not much to ask for right?

If I had any kind of pattern drafting training this would be easy peasy, but..... I'm not. So its been trial and error all the way ;)

Thus far I've had a play with the previously mentioned McCalls pattern - taking a bit off each side seam and lowering the waistband, plus I've found a freebie kids short pattern online that seems to have the right shape but is a tad too small, so am currently trying to grade it up a size or two.

Hanging out for the kids to be at school this week so I can cut out and sew what I've drawn up so far.

Til next time...

Happy Sewing!

Kate :)

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