Monday, March 10, 2014

Retro-style Paris apron (W.I.P)
Nearly finished this apron has been a bit of a "palate cleanser" for me in between bigger projects. A chance to play around with some pretty fabrics and try out some new embellishments, without worrying about multiple pattern alterations/fitting! As a apron ties up it extremely adjustable for fit but still I had to add a bit to length to get the waist ties to sit at my actual waist.
The pattern is McCalls 5643 (OOP) and the apron comes in 3 different misses sizes, which is a surprise to me as I always thought adult aprons were "one size fits most".
Also surprising is that the apron is lined, as most aprons I've brought (new and thrifted) are not. 
I tend to actually use aprons a lot for cooking. I hate having stuff on my hands so having an apron saves my clothes from copping it. 
Also no matter what I'm cooking I always feel a tad more capable and sophisticated with one on ;)

Happy Sewing!

Kate :)

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