Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fabric FAIL

Please excuse the wrinkles in these pictures but I am so annoyed I couldn't bring myself to make it look "nice" for the camera! 
(Yeah bad blogging practice but it's one of those days).

Finally got around to making another Staple Dress (the first one I made here).
 Wore it for like three hours while a friend was over for lunch. Afterwards when I went to put in the laundry I noticed this laddering/fraying happening one of the back shoulder areas:
I kinda feel like the sewing universe is against me at the moment :( 

The textile content was listed as rayon and I can only guess that this batch was a little bit more prone to weakness/splitting than usual. 
As far as I can remember I didn't catch my dress on anything, so it appears to have split at a stress point (shoulder blades pulling, maybe need more room there?).

Soo annoying as the fabric did feel lovely to wear and the print is quite pretty:

I'm going to hack it off just above the waistline shirring and see if I can salvage a skirt from it.


Think it might be time to start investing in better quality fabrics.

Til next time....

Happy Sewing :)



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