Saturday, March 29, 2014

Topstitching on the edge

Tried out a tip I read somewhere (might have been a forum or on a facebook sewing group page, not sure...) about how to get neat edge top-stiching without a special topstitching foot: use a blind hem foot!
You simply adjust the little wheely/screw (?) thing until the white plastic bit is the desired distance from the stitching line and use it as a guide for the garment edge. Great for when you are working with very small amounts such as 1/8" and 2/8".

Much more accurate (and idiot proof for me) than just "eyeballing" it ;) 

If you have a Janome like me your blindhemming foot could look like foot "G" in the pic below.
Such a simple and effective tip, using what I already have- why didn't I think of it?

Happy Sewing!

Kate :)

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