Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Voila: Le tablier! (The apron is done)

Just a few little extra details worked on and this apron is now finished:

The McCalls 5643 pattern is retro in style, with three different designs in the envelope. I made version 'A" as it seemed to have the most simplest design and hopefully would be the easiest to alter if I needed to. In the end I added about 10 cm to the torso length, bringing the waist ties in line with my actual waistline. Nice to be able to tie on an apron without having the neckties pull on my neck!
This little project was a chance to try out a couple of new embellishments I'd been itching to use: a simple running stitch around the collar to complement the main fabric, ric-rac as "piping" trim on the pocket and fabric covered buttons (made from some button covering kits I'd picked up over the years- great to finally use those). 

Making my own fabric covered buttons has always daunted me- the finished product looks so "professional" that I'd put the whole idea into the too fiddly/tricky [for me] category.
 Gladly I am happy to say that it is soo much easier than I ever expected :)
I'm hooked and am now wishing I'd given it a go much sooner. Already I'm imagining all the different projects these would look great on!
 Also I now have an extra option open to me for when I can't find buttons to match a particular fabric - yay!

For the ric-rac "piping" I hand basted the ric-rac to the inside of the pocket around the edge. I then machine-sewed  the pocket to the apron with two lines of topstitching (one line would have been enough to secure it but I wanted to be more "decorative").  

This apron has been sitting on my mannequin -finished- for nearly a week and tonight I finally decided to wear it while making dinner (after all an apron IS a working garment). 
I had forgotten how comfy quilting cotton can be to wear, nice and cool in a hot kitchen :) 
This apron also has good coverage/protection for clothing and I can easily see myself making it again in all manner of pretty fabrics :)

Gotta love a good apron!


Happy [Apron] Sewing!

Kate x

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