Saturday, July 12, 2014

Off we sewing camp!

"What?" I hear you say, "Surely it's only been a few months since her last sewing weekend?"
Uh yes it has but this is an extra weekend away that was organised for one of our members who hasn't been able to make it to several camps in a row due to family commitments.
This time it falls smack bang in the middle of school holidays, which is a perfectly timed sewing break in my mind ;)
And who really news an excuse to getaway eat, drink and sew in beautiful surrounds with wonderful like-minded people? Not me!

I may not look it (weird camera face I know) but I am one happy sewing camper!

All the "essentials": overlocker (seat belted in!), UFO basket, sewing "toolbox" (under basket), water and audio book (Now you see her/ by James Patterson).
Note clever use of child's car seat for ironing board caddy ;)
It's mid winter here and it's good to see so much water flowing after such a dry summer.

More pics to follow (hopefully of some sewing in action)!
Kate x

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