Monday, December 22, 2014

Some summer shorts

So very recently a friend- after hearing me bang on about how I need to sew my kids some summer shorts but there's not enough hours in the day-made my son a very trendy pair of skater shorts:

Totally unbeknowst to me...she just rocked up with the completed shorts randomly one afternoon (as sewing friends are apt to do)!
How stoked was I and Cooper?
I addition to the shorts was a little folder containing a cut out pattern (in my son's size) and a good length of the camo fabric that the original shorts were made from. How.Totally.Awesome! Honestly now that I am a mum I soo appreciate these kinda things! No pattern cutting? Yippeee....
 In other words I pretty much had all I needed to make up plenty more:) 
No excuses!
Ok OK hint taken (but thanks for the kick up the bum hun !), I am ONTO this! 

Soo with pattern in hand -and a few of hubbies old button up shirts lying around (I wasn't too sure how I would go and was keen to "upcycle")- I crossed my fingers, got out "ye olde overlocker" and whipped up these shorts:
Two business shirt made these shorts- can you tell? #sodidnotpatternmatch
 I did add a little to length and the seam allowance all over (as insurance against my son's growth spurts), so these have a more "surfie board shorts" vibe than the original skater shorts pattern, but I am happy with that. Actually I LOVE both of the different looks this pattern has given! :)

This WAS a $50+ shirt (bought from a big name surf wear store). Very nice fabric, gorgeous hand, much prefer it as shorts for my little man :)

Why I LOVE reusing mens shirts; chest pockets easily become back pockets! Not quite convinced of the tension on that bottom hem though :(
 And on:
He picked this pose (I swear)!

Sorry Elle I don't (as yet, I will remedy this!) have any of your original [camo skater] pair being modelled.
In my defense: they ARE getting worn so much (often in the process of being washed or on the line) that usually the photo op is missed by the time I think of it! 
Will try and get a pic so everyone can see the difference in fit an extra 5/8" in seam allowance gives.
As to the pattern? It's a FREEBIE!!! You can find it here. Be aware that I ended up with the side seams of my legs not matching up exactly at the side seams- given that I did not really refer to the instructions this could be an "operator error". 
If this happens to you? No probs, just do what I do and cut a nice new (straight) bottom leg hem-equidistant from the crotch seam- on each leg.
A rotary cutter and quilting ruler makes this easy peasy :) 
If you only have shears I would pin the legs together after marking to make sure there's no distortion from lifting up the fabric to cut.

Until next time...

Happy [boys skater/boardie shorts] Sewing!

Kate xx