Saturday, December 27, 2014

Owl print summer shorts

Last post I wrote about making (and having made for me) shorts for Cooper.
The pattern used was the Rohan Skater shorts (by The Crafty Kitty), a freebie a friend found for me via the Birch Fabrics blog .  
Loooove it when the pattern research is done for me !!! :D
 Well as it turns out this pattern works just as well for girls shorts too- here is a pair I made for DD:
Skater shorts front
Skater shorts back (with contrast yoke and wasitband)
And on :
She loves them! They are great for all the running/jumping/climbing activities she loves to do (not hideously skimpy like some of the RTW ones out there) and the back yoke gives an option for contrasting fabrics.
 The fabrics used here were both quilting fabrics bought from Spotlight. The pink Eiffel tower print yoke/waistband fabric scraps left over from this apron project (finished project pics here).
Millie's shorts were made from the exact same pattern that Elle made Cooper's camo print shorts from, I just shortened the legs a fair bit. If I went down a size or two they would look more like the original Crafty Kitty Rohan Skater shorts.
Have already received a few compliments when out with the kids in their shorts (kudos to the pattern design and styling)!
Am sure to be sewing up a least a couple more pairs of these in the near future.

Til next time

Happy sewing!

Kate x

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