Saturday, January 17, 2015

Singer Press project 
Picked a Singer ironing press up off a local buy/sell page for $25 the other week, not a bad price considering what new ironing presses go for (at least $400).

It doesn't have a steam option (some of the fancier models do) but that's OK, it will work well for what I want it for- bonding interfacing to fabric and pressing large fabric pieces.
Plus I can always squirt something with water from a spray bottle if I really need steam.

Obviously for "cheap as chips" pricing a little bit of work is required...

Firstly a good clean. The press had been sitting in someones shed for who-knows-how-long and it was pretty grimy. 

The pressing board cover itself looks like it has seen better days, with a couple of scorch marks and burn holes:

While the ironing plate is pretty gunked up with what looks like fabric ink residue:

I'm guessing this one got used for setting screenprints on fabric rather than domestic ironing.

(The fun part is trying to work out what the words originally said - something "Ace"?).

Looks like I have a new sewing tool to tinker with ;)

 Till next time...
Happy Sewing!

Kate :)

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