Monday, October 8, 2012

Dreaming of redecorating

Now that we have moved and settled into THE place where we are going to live for the next 20 or so years (fingers crossed) I have finally started to think about home decorating.
In particular the sewing room :)

Currently this is what I have:

Whoops forgot to clean up for the photo 

At the moment my sewing desk is hidden under piles of stuff but in an ideal world it would be clear and I would have another similar desk to put my overlocker and vintage sewing machine on, plus there would be some type of storage for all the plastic tubs that my patterns and fabrics are housed in.

Also there would be a spot for this:

RÅSKOG Kitchen trolley IKEA
Don't you think this would make a great craft/sewing trolley?
 How easy would it be to organise whatever patterns, notions and books you were currently using for a project, and then as an added bonus you can just wheel it to wherever you were working - or wheel it away when you are finished for the day (or it needs to be out of reach of little fingers).

Just wondering if it's a bit strange to plan a whole room around an Ikea kitchen trolley. Hmmm.....

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