Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The year I got my [sewing] groove back

After reading this post by Jodi at Sew Fearless, I decided it would be nice to have a look back at 2012 and what it meant for me :)

In 2012 I felt I finally started to get some momentum back in my sewing routine. While probably 80% of the projects in my head weren't realized, a few DID manage to make it to creation.

Off to a slow start my first project for the year was to jazz up a t-shirt dress: 

 Then 7 or so months later I had a go at making underwear:

After a sewing weekend away I managed to make a whole (Vogue!) dress- for myself! :

I had a go at sewing my knit top in ages. Fit leaves a lot to be desired  unfortunately, but I did have fun with the fabric:
Simplicity 4076

Somehow I managed to knock out four pairs of shorts for my son:

I got my measurements taken accurately and some sewing advice:


Finished off a dinosaur shirt (sorry no pictures of the end product yet!) that I started:

And made some Christmas stockings (plus Santa sacks) for the family :

In addition to this I also: 
- Managed to attend three BurdaStyle Sewing Club Perth WA MeetUps (including one weekend away!)
- Have several sewing sessions with my good friend (and often sewing partner) Fleur. 
-Changed the name of my blog and registered the new domain name.
-Wrote my first post for the Burdastyle Sewing Club Perth's webpage.
-Have blogged more than in the previous two years (yay!)

On the homefront this year gone has held a lot of changes for us as a family:

- We survived a major job change (hubby's) and are now enjoying the benefits of a lower stress, better work/life balance lifestyle.
- I went back to work part-time and as of December am now a permanent staff member!
- We took our first overseas trip as a family.
-We took our first camper-trailer-ing trip as a family (interesting with toddlers).
- I finally had a minor operation done that was only meant to be day surgery but ended up being complicated by and overnight stay and infections. Oh well.

So all in all not a bad year, a few ups and downs but we came out all right :)

Have a good 2013 :)


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