Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Op-shoppery (and what is that???)

The horrible bug is still with me and not much blogging has been going on around here, even thought I have heaps of posts at draft stage :O

As I haven't even vaguely written about op-shopping in a while so I thought I might share with you some images of recent and not-so-recent thriftery with you.

First up some lovely ladies 1960's and 1970's dresses, a pants pattern by Bevknits and a super sweet toddlers yoked sundress/top. The dress patterns I picked up just because I liked the artworks, whereas the pants and toddler pattern may actually get used ( I can see DD in the yellow top style):

 Next up some PJ and nightie patterns, you can never have too many options for sleepwear! I'm keeping an eye out for the older Kwik Sew patterns that are printed on the thicker paper, now that they have changed to tissue patterns :( 

The Burda pattern is a boon since I like their "fit" more than most of the big commercial pattern houses (they seem a bit more "curvy-friendly") and the style is simple and classic enough not to date:  

A roll of minty green netting/tulle:

This stuff isn't super $$$ to buy new but at $4 for a least 4 metres it's still cheap dress-ups material - plus tutus can eat up a LOT of fabric quickly once you start gathering. 
Also I've seen this colour out in RTW at the moment which seems fortuitous.

Finally one of my most exciting pattern finds these past few months- a 1950's Vogue Men's pattern:

This one harks back to the days when manly men smoked cigarettes (yuck) and stood around holding strange looking props...what is that thing? 
So far I've come up with "weird over sized spanner" and "misshapen trident" as explanations of what the long sleeved man is holding. I have a feeling its some kind of slider thingy for a game played on wooden decks? Actually I have no idea, if anyone can help me in identifying this...

Happy sewing/thrifting! 

Kate :)


Anonymous said...

Oh! I <3 that little yellow smock top SO MUCH! I want to make versions for ALL my friends who have little girls! :)

Ellen said...

I have no idea! I thought same as you- some kind of a wrench, but given the size he must have some serious muscles under that shirt!

BJ in TX said...

I'm pretty sure that's a poor rendition of a common tool...the wrench! At first glance, I thought it looked satanic - but then I remembered all my husband's tools, and he had lots of those! (wrenches, I mean!)

Kate Sews said...

Ellen and BJ weird hey? I still wonder what exactly its meant to be- maybe its just a really poor rendition and the person who drew it never actually held a wrench? Sarah- Yes how cute is it? I have this long list of stuff I want to sew....