Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bear with me ...or waiting for the search engines to reindex my blog

***WARNING boring IT/tech/nerdy talk ahead*****

If you have tried to find my blog by doing a keyword search chances are you've hit a blank wall or a "404" error :(
Apparently -according to the blogger help forum- after changing your domain name it can take up to 2 or 3 weeks for google (and others) to "reindex" your old blog links and make you searchable again. The 404 error is either because my redirection from to hasn't gone through yet or I have in fact Totally Stuffed It Up. Not sure which yet...

I'm trying not to panic as it seems like my blog has fallen off the face of the earth.
In the meantime I'll keep posting in the hope that this will spur the search engines "bots" to "crawl" my blog and update all my links.

And in case you were wondering no I'm not an IT "person" in any shape or form (though I think you may have guessed that by now!) - I gained all of my information from madly googling the web, visiting blogger help forum and this particular post here.


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