Friday, July 26, 2013

White Kwik Sew tee muslin

Sorry for a terrible bathroom mirror selfie shot (hey my camera skills are at the very least consistent) but I thought I'd show you all a "wearble muslin" I made:

(FYI that weird lump is my pants waistband rolled down and the fastenings bit jutting out. Never notice these things til after!)
And a side view: 
It's the same Kwik Sew 2643 pattern I used for the floral top I made last week.

Close up of envelope illustration,I used view A: 

This time I've made a few changes to the pattern before cutting: raised the armhole a bit, taken in the sleeve width a bit (the original pattern gave me lovely tuck shop lady "wings"), made the sleeves 3/4 length (I just hacked them off on the floral top, this time I folded back the pattern piece to the length I wanted) and lowered the neckline (to be more like the RTW scoop necks I buy). 
Think I may have gone a bit too low with the neckline this time, but am guessing that if I retrace it somewhere in between the two depths I've tried it should be close to spot on next time!
 Walking that wobbly line of trying not too look too frumpy while also avoiding accidentally getting the "girls" out for all and sundry to see the first time I lean over :O 
I'm enjoying playing around with this pattern and really hope that I will end up with a very usable TNT t-shirt pattern at the end of it.

My review for this pattern on Sewing Pattern Review can be read here.

Happy Sewing!

Kate :)


Anonymous said...

Nice job. I'm still learning the various acronyms. What's TNT stand for? I'm still learning how to take I-phone camera pics. They look OK, but when I post, they usually turn out side ways or in another direction. :-). Trying to flip, rotate, save, and re post the pics don't work, either. Just figured out the other day that I have to hold my camera sideways.

Was this an easy pattern? :-)

Kate @ Sewing For Sanity said...

Hi JC ! Some of the sewing acronyms I use are TNT = Tried aNd True and OOP =Out Of Print, at least I think that's what they mean when used to refer to sewing patterns ! Never sure whether to put an explanation in but I might see if I can link to one in future :)
Kwik Sew patterns are usually pretty good I find, they have a reputation for good instructions and being good patterns for knit fabrics. I found the neckline and sleeves a little "old" style for me, hence the alterations, but I like a more fitted style in my clothes so that's just personal preference. As its out of print I would say the pattern is quite old, would be interesting to compare it to a newer Kwik Sew t shirt style pattern and see of they've lowered the neckline or narrowed the sleeves any.

Kate @ Sewing For Sanity said...

Oh and as to iPhone photos - I usually email mine to my blog from my phone ( there's an option with blogger and I think Wordpress have one too). I have it set so that they go into draft, then I open up the draft post, click on the photo and go to the source ( it has a http link to the photo album blogger stores your pics on for you) - that opens up in another window then I right click that and then select "copy", close that window and go back to my posts screen, select the post I want to put it in , open the post up and then click into the main post body where I want the pic and right click + "paste" it in. Sounds convoluted but for me it's often quicker that getting cables out ! My laptops pretty old and I'm really nursing it along right now, so minimising what I have to do helps! If I need to edit the pics I can enlarge/ crop them on my iPhone or use my instacollage ( free version) app to improve the colour slightly ( it has a " sharpen" fx that I find is useful) - if more editing than that's required, or I have more time, I would email the pics to my personal email and open them up and save them on my laptop then open them up in Microsoft picture manager ( I think) and edit them further there!
If my pics are posting sideways from my laptop I open up that folder ( the one under pictures in your file directory) so that I can see thumbnails of all the pics, then I hold down shift and click on all the pics I need to fix ( even if they look right way up in here but are posting sideways), then I click " rotate counterclockwise " and then select them all again and click " rotate clockwise" til they are right way up again. That's seems to fix it for me most times so when I actually paste the pic into my post it stays right way up.