Friday, November 8, 2013

Only one more sleep ...

I'm currently tidying up some much neglected computer/blogging related chores so that I can be ready for my Perth Burdastyle Sewing Club weekend away. This is my third sewing weekend and I am looking forward to it greatly :D Good food (AND not cooked by me!), two full nights sleep and lots of sewing time- what's not to like?

Of course I still have to pack everything, so while I'm procrastinating here's a pic of one of the pattern's I'm contemplating taking:

View A is the whole reason I brought this one, I've seen a fair bit of this style in RTW clothes recently. View B is a bit ho-hum in comparison (I think you really need the lace) and view C just reminds me of a men's t-shirt, not much to home about with that one.

After my last sewing weekend away I realised I packed far too much in the way of projects and fabric options. This time I'll try to stick to maybe one or two (at most) - much less stuff to haul around and realistically what I can hope to complete!  

Expect to be inundated with pics of happy (sewing) campers and the picturesque environs of Moondyne after my return... ;)

Happy sewing everyone!

Kate :)

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