Sunday, November 3, 2013

White Seafarer tops for summer (Part 2)

  As promised here is the second Seafarer (pattern by Sew Much Ado) top that I made in preparation for summer:

 To tell the truth I thought this fabric was going to be an absolute nightmare to sew. 
I could already see in my mind the foot of the sewing machine catching in the holey over layer, or the under layer getting pulled down into the throat plate and being chewed up by the feed dogs. 
All this before the fabric had even been cut into or pinned.
 After the issues of the last white top I was totally expecting sewing  disaster (such a pessimist Kate!).

Luckily all my fears were very unfounded.  
This fabric behaved beautifully, it sewed like a dream and I had my second top whipped up in no time :D 
The fabric is actually made up of two layers of fine synthetic knit mesh fabric- a plain under layer and the holey/lacey over layer. It is a stretch fabric but has much less give than say a lycra or jersey and that actually works well with the pattern I used.
I left out the pocket feature as I think it would have been OTT teamed with such a textured fabric.

Both this fabric and the one for my previous white top were purchased from the Janome store in Balcatta. They have a fabric section at the back which has clearance Knitwit stock -always worth a look if you are in the area ;)

Happy Sewing!

Kate :)


Kelley said...

That is a very pretty top and I can see that it would be very useful in summer. I love the fabric and am pleased to hear that it sewed up easily. That's always the way with those unusual fabrics, isn't it? They LOOK enticing, but can be quite the challenge to sew.

Kate @ Sewing For Sanity said...

Thanks Kelley! It was a bit of a relief to have something sew up easily after the last top I made. I only brought 1.2 metres of this fabric thinking it would be a bit "tricky' to sew but now I'm wishing I got more. Always the way! :D

Amity Originals said...

This fabric is awesome and the top turned out great!

Kate @ Sewing For Sanity said...

Thank you Amity :) One snag so far but with the fabric design it was relatively easy to hide (I have clear nail varnish in my sewing tool box now for fabrics like these that do tend to run slightly).
Am hanging out for your next Lolita Patterns release!