Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New camera (a very belated birthday present)

Originally for my birthday I was very thoughtfully given tickets to see Fleetwood Mac at Perth Arena , as part of their Australian Tour. 
I LOVE this group, maybe its due to the fact that my parents played their vinyl Rumours and Tusk albums for at least the first decade of my life so it was ingrained into my music psyche, but whatever the reason actually seeing the band LIVE was going to be EPIC!  Nevermind the fact that this would be a child free outing with other grownups (and possibly much dancing/ out of tune singing by myself)- triple Woo-HOO!!!
So it was very sad when it was announced that John McVie was undergoing treatment for cancer, requiring the Australian tour to be cancelled.GET WELL JOHN!!!

The silver lining that I found in all this was the refunded concert tickets = some funds to replace my old (and recently rather unreliable) digital camera.

I knew after using my Iphone camera that I needed something with a bit more zoom options (and not just digital zoom, but a proper actual lens) and that I really liked being able to email images directly from my phone to my Blogger account. Very handy when you are a time poor blogger!
Also I knew it had to be fairly simple to operate. I did one semester of photography in highschool and another at Uni, but didn't really do well enough in either to warrant me buying anything a point-and-shoot camera now.

So a bit of research online introduced me to cameras with Wi-Fi and after a visit to a local store I came out with:
Which despite the salesperson telling me "they didn't think so" does in fact email pictures :)
And a whole lot of other editing features that I am yet to play around with.

Here's to some better photography!

Kate x

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