Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello again!

I've recovered from the "holiday" season (holiday for who? NOT mums of small children that for sure!) and have been busy in family life, with not a whole lot of time for anything else. 
Sewing has been a few minutes here and there, mostly small projects for the kids kindy supplies and a LOT of cutting out of garments (both patterns and fabric) for future sewing.
I've decided to try the "batch lot' method for getting stuff sewn up this year (or at for the next few months), that is cutting out several paper patterns together, then cutting out the fabrics and then sewing in lots of similar colour and/or fabric types. I've popped the cut pattern/fabric pieces into large ziplock bags with the original pattern envelopes and instructions for easy storage and accessibility.
My thinking is that having so many projects ready to just "go and sew" will inspire me to get things made, or at least make it easy to feel like I've accomplished something in the odd moments that unfettered sewing time appears. This will either be the year that I sew more than ever or (hopefully not) end up donating a lot of cut up fabric to charity, but either way it will be fun to find out!

Happy 2014 everyone and may this be a good sewing year for us all!

Kate :)

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